3D Walkthrough

3D Virtual Walkthrough

Why should your sellers settle for a collection of out-of-scale, wide-angle photographs, when you can create listings that will stand at the forefront of the marketplace? Our immersive, 3D Virtual Reality Tours do more than just put your listing in the best light. It gives buyers the resources to really feel and understand a space, and lets them visualize what it really would be like to live there. Our 3D Virtual Tours stand out above other productions, because they allows buyers to:

  • Move through space at their own pace, as if they were really walking through a property. Every circle on the floor is an opportunity to stop, and look around 360 degrees , and even up to the ceiling and down to the floor from that particular spot. Or “Just push play” for a video tour, offering a play-through guided tour through the property, showing all the views and features.
  • View floor plans that are more than just confusing line drawings, but fully rendered, photographic floor plans, shown from above.
  • See a dollhouse view, for a fully photographic cross-section of the house showing how the rooms relate to each other.
  • See rooms and passageways at scale. Our video doesn’t bend or distort photos, but gives viewers a very scale-accurate sense of what it is actually like to stand in the room, and walk down the halls.

Threesixty Indy guarantees quick turnaround on your 3D Virtual Tour, which, after a short filming session (most homes can be filmed in approximately 2-3 hours), can be rendered and loaded to your listing page within 48 hours. We provide you with a link to your finished video, which is housed on the Matterport website. Our embed codes make adding the video to your agency’s website listing as simple as uploading a YouTube video.