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Buyers who purchase boats have a big task at hand. How large should it be? New or used? Which manufacturer? Stock or custom? What features? Which sales lots should I visit? Should I purchase a boat at auction? Help them work through their purchase process by offering them a world-class, fully immersive, 3D Virtual Reality Tour that shows them not just how a boat looks, but how it lives. Virtual reality tours are the gold standard for filming boats for sale, giving buyers an understanding of how the space feels when they are standing in or on it. With Threesixty Indy’s tours, you can offer your buyers:

  • A tour of the cabin, as if they are walking through it, allowing them to focus on the features at their own pace.
  • A “just push play” version of the 3D video, for those who want a structured tour.
  • For new boats, the ability to see what different features and upgrades look like on a certain model.
  • For auction buyers, the confidence to bid even if they aren’t able to make it to the sales lot beforehand.

Prices for Threesixty’s virtual tours are set to be affordable, but do vary based on the size of the boat being filmed. Most 3D Virtual Tours can be completed with just a short onsite shoot. When completed, we send you a link the Matterport website which hosts the video. We send you an embed code, and provide branded and unbranded versions of your video. Just upload the link we send to your company’s website listing, and watch the interest increase. Call us to schedule a filming at 317-452-0699.