Listings Fit for the King of the Road

When you buy an RV, you don’t buy a vehicle. You buy a lifestyle. Why then, should you make your websites and online listings two-dimensional? Fully immersive, virtual reality, 3D Tours from Threesixty Indy show how an RV lives like no other tool, allowing buyers to:

  • Take a tour of the cabin, bedrooms, bathroom and driver’s seat, with the ability to stop, turn the camera, and look around and up and down– a true 360 degree view.
  • Watch foldouts and outdoor porch systems being deployed, with additional outdoor video.
  • Walk around the cabin, with an understanding of the true scale and height of the motorhome, the size of the walkways, the size of the furniture and beds.
  • See a “just push play” version of the video, for those who want a structured tour.
  • Purchase remotely or bid on auctions with confidence, after a thorough long-distance tour.

With the easily embedded link we send with your video, your dealership can create beautiful website listings, send email newsletters, and upload the video to social media, for your pages and social advertising. We provide a branded and unbranded version of the video, for your convenience in posting to different venues.

Prices for Threesixty’s virtual tours are set to be affordable, but do vary based on the size of the motorhome being filmed. Most 3D Virtual Tours can be completed with just a short onsite shoot. When completed, we send you a link the Matterport website which hosts the video. We send you an embed code. Just upload the link we send to your company’s website listing, and watch the interest increase. Call us to schedule a filming at 317-452-0699.